DuckDose serves as an internet-based provider of modafinil and armodafinil. We’ve previously posted about modafinil and armodafinil, and how it can help you gain that extra mental edge for work and play. Some of you have written to us to ask for a recommendation on where to purchase it, since its prescription only in the United States. Today we’re introducing Duckdose; who happens to be our preferred choice when it comes to purchasing your afinils online.


Nootropics users have increasingly found themselves drawn to the internet as a way to get their hands on the highly popular ‘Modafinil’. A nootropic that otherwise requires a great deal of expense (and a prescription) to obtain. The internet is home to a growing number of suppliers of Modafinil. One of which is DuckDose. A small company, known by few outside of the nootropics world, that offers global shipping.


The buying experience

The website itself is a goldmine of information on all things Modafinil and is very easy to use. There is no room for confusion, the purchase options, including pricing, is all clearly marked with no hidden costs or quantities. Just simply click ‘buy’.

Shipping time depends largely on where in the world you reside. With some countries (including the UK) averaging 3-7 days, While others may take anything up to 35 days. The US and Australia can expect delivery times of 7-15 days. The packages themselves are discreet, with plain packaging and no company branding anywhere on the outside.


Customer service

According to customers across the web, DuckDose provides first-rate customer service. And responds to issues promptly and appropriately.


Pros and cons

Customer interactions with DuckDose have been largely positive. They offer pharmaceutical-grade Modafinil at competitive prices, with no additional cost for shipping. They even offer to reship your order for free should it get held up somewhere along the line on the first attempt. The only downsides are that much of Europe is excluded from access to DuckDose deliveries, and they lack a returns policy. They offer several discounts for customers. Some directed at those who buy from them in large quantities. And 15% off of orders for repeat customers (it is even awarded in conjunction with other offers).

Unlike many vendors who only accept Bitcoin, DuckDose conveniently allows payment through VISA and Mastercard as well. And security is no issue. They work hard to ensure your private data is kept private by encrypting all of the information they send and receive. When it comes to the Modafinil itself, DuckDose lets you choose between two manufacturers, including the super successful Sun Pharmaceuticals. Meaning you are given more control over the products you buy. However, some may feel that there is a little too much mystery surrounding their quality assurance for comfort.



There are very few downsides to DuckDose. And those that are there are largely down to the nature of the industry itself, rather than weaknesses on the part of the company. DuckDose is proving itself to be an excellent online supplier of Modafinil. The buying process is simple, the website user-friendly, and the prices affordable. If you’re looking to purchase Modafinil, then DuckDose is a great place to start.